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Our partners help their clients reach their full potential, and they are doing it faster and easier than ever before with Appfarm – supported by our partner success team. Join us and shape the future of software development.

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We can’t emphasize enough how much we value the close collaboration with our partners.

Avo Consulting
Digitread Connect
Reodor Studios
Knowit Insight
Zebra Consulting

Future-proof your business

Expand your service offering today

Leverage existing resources and expand your business without having to to hire a floor of developers.

Become a forerunner in the no-code revolution

Join us on the frontlines of the no-code revolution and create a competitive advantage by building faster than everyone else.

Secure long-term customer relationships

Focus on long-term value for your customers and make them want to develop new digital solutions continuously.

Join the no-code revolution with ease

We know you’re busy. Our Appfarm Partner Program gets you up to speed in a comfortable way so that you can start delivering projects lightning fast. As a partner, we’ll be by your side with our dedicated partner success team. And your first project? We’ll solve it together. Let’s go!

— Get up to speed

Tailored onboarding program and developer certification

Get up and running with Appfarm with ease and speed. We’ll help you master Appfarm through our onboarding program and dedicated developer success team.


— Make your first project a success

Deliver your first project together with Appfarm

Feel secure and confident in your first customer project . Our developer success team will ensure that you delight your client. We’ll be by your side in your first project.

– Grow and build confidence with our backing

Dedicated support and guidance whenever you need it

We are your team player. Want us to join in a sales meeting? Let us know! Want expert input on how to solve a client problem? We’re here for you. The Appfarm Partner Program is here to make sure all your Appfarm projects are hassle-free and a joy.


Projects proudly built by our partners – more than just a website

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How dPlan implemented a self-developed methodology in a custom-built SaaS

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Building a scalable solution with No-Code

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How Implenia solved the challenge of crew coordination in building and construction projects

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From Trello to a custom built platform for project management and SHA plans

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Digitread Connect creates complete industrial IOT-solutions rapidly with Appfarm Create

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MVP in two days, launched in a week – gamechanger

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Streamlining humanitarian aid: Providing preparedness and mission planning for humanitarian aid organisations

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Reodor and Appfarm accelerate digital innovation in large corporations with no-code

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